Friday, November 16, 2007

Romney Talks Energy

Here's a brief excerpt from my interview with Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney from earlier today. We had a great conversation. We covered a lot of ground. Incidentally, the latter half of the interview, where the former Massachusetts governor responded to attacks on his Mormon faith, was especially noteworthy. Please join us tonight for the whole interview--7pm ET on CNBC.

KUDLOW: Nobody likes $100 oil, nobody likes 3 or $3.50
gasoline. The problem, Governor, is what are we going to do about it?

Gov. ROMNEY: Well, the only long-term answer we have for the very high price of energy is to start developing our own sources of energy from sources that are renewable and sustainable. And I'm talking about nuclear power, biodiesel, biofuel, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, as well as liquified coal, clean-burning coal, coal where you can sequester the CO2. We're going to have to develop those sources and become more efficient in our use of energy. And that means in our cars, our homes, our businesses. We can do those things.

It's going to take what I think Tom Friedman coined as a Manhattan-style project, an Apollo-style project, where we as a nation become serious about investing in technologies that allow us to become energy secure and energy independent. And that will dramatically change the world equation when it comes to the strength of our economy, our national security and of course the emissions of greenhouse gases.