Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kudos to Kyl

Sen. Jon Kyl from Arizona is showing uncommon fiscal courage in his decision not to vote in favor of this goofy stimulus rebate package.

Mr. Kyl is a principled conservative man, taking a principled conservative position. Even though he’s the Senate Republican Whip — the #2 man in the caucus — he is going against the tide and standing up for supply-side principles. (Click here to read the transcript from our interview on last night’s Kudlow & Company.)

Mr. Kyl is also pushing to slash the corporate tax rate. In my view, this would be the single best pro-growth measure that Washington could take. Incidentally, John McCain (whom Kyl has endorsed) is also proposing to slash the corporate tax rate. This would lower the cost of capital and grow investment. It would help create healthy businesses, create jobs, and raise real wages. It also would boost the dollar.

The minute such a bill is signed — the very minute — the incentive effects would take place.

Jon Kyl is the strongest conservative thinker in the Senate. He is principled. He is unwavering.

Kudos to Kyl.