Thursday, January 17, 2008

Too Much Recession Talk

“There’s too much talk about a “recession” that isn’t there yet. I’m an optimist, as you know Larry. You’re an optimist. And I don’t think we should talk ourselves into a recession. [And] let’s not have stupid policies put in place that would exacerbate a problem…we should [have] a smart discussion on taxes. We should put tax relief there that will actually grow the economy, rather than just make people feel good [temporarily]. And so I do favor [House Ways and Means Committee] Chairman Rangel’s centering of the debate around the corporate tax structure, about expensing, and some investment in the business communities that will help to stimulate more economic growth and provide manufacturing opportunity for people that build the supplies that businesses are going to buy.”
-Andrew Card, former Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush