Monday, January 28, 2008

Stay Optimistic, Mr. President

Mr. President, in your last State of the Union message tonight, I urge you to stay upbeat and optimistic.

Despite the usual carping by the mainstream media, General Petraeus talked about a newfound sense of hope on which we can build in Iraq. Political progress is afoot there, at both the federal and local levels. I know you’ll stay optimistic on that one.

At home, the economy is not nearly as weak as the Wall Street bears would have us believe. After-inflation income is rising rapidly. Family wealth is at an all-time high. Bank balance sheets are being repaired and corporate cash flows are unusually high. Nearly 150 million people are working in business with a low 5.0 percent unemployment rate. These people understand full well that the Democrats’ attack on corporations is completely wrong.

Hang tough Mr. President on your pro-growth program of low tax rates, overspending vetoes, and the war against proliferating budget earmarks. Stay strong on the free trade agenda. It has become one of the biggest economic stimulants and provides ordinary American families the opportunity to buy the best quality goods at the lowest possible prices from any source in the world. Even small family businesses can sell more of their goods and services to overseas markets.

Despite war, bubbles, oil shocks, and assorted Wall Street miscues, the economy is in its seventh year of expansion. Meanwhile, our nation is in its seventh year of safety from jihadist terrorist attacks.

You have offered important ideas on free market solutions for health, education, and social security. And you have made it clear that faith is a key part of our national life and our daily personal lives.

While all is never perfect, you have delivered on the most fundamental hopes for the nation: peace and prosperity.

America’s greatness is grounded on optimism and freedom. You have spoken loudly in support of these great themes. You have succeeded in far greater degree than the intellectual elites will ever admit.

Stay the course, Mr. President. Stay optimistic.