Thursday, July 19, 2007

"He Hit All Three"

In case you missed it, legendary columnist Bob Novak sat down with us on Kudlow & Company last night to discuss his new book, "Prince of Darkness," a memoir chronicling his 50 years of Washington reporting. Here's what the greatest journalist of our generation had to say when I asked him who the best president he'd seen in his half century of reporting was.

NOVAK: There's no question. There's not even a close second. Ronald Reagan was really the only fundamentally successful president in my half century. And it's because--I didn't really fully realize it at the time--he didn't get bogged down in details. He wasn't a micromanager. He really had very few things he was trying to do: Win the Cold War, restore the economy through some tax cuts; and restore the faith of the American people. He hit all three.