Friday, July 06, 2007

Red Scare?

Is China trying to poison us, our kids, and our pets? Are Beijing’s communist hardliners waging some clever, clandestine, economic/military war against U.S. citizens? Now, before flatly dismissing the idea, consider that China freely admits a lengthy record of safety woes.

Check out yesterday’s Wall Street Journal for Pete’s sake. According to China’s own findings, almost 20 percent of Chinese goods fail to meet quality standards. 20 percent. Now, when you factor in that China was responsible for issuing the report, and that its China’s own quality standards that are at play here, one needn’t go out on a limb to reach the conclusion that safety problems are likely far more widespread than what’s being officially reported.

Some recent Chinese safety woes: poisoned pet food; baby diapers laden in excessive fungus, children’s toys with lead, a slew of foods tainted with high levels of bacterial contamination, poisoned toothpaste, etc.

Even the Chinese government admits to “major quality problems”. One high ranking Chinese health official recently stated, "These are not isolated cases."

Could this be a calculated Communist strategy? Is China trying to poison our pets and our kids? Maybe the folks suspicious of China are right after all?