Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Dunkirk in the Desert

Strong remarks from Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy and former assistant secretary of defense for international security policy under President Reagan on last night's show.

KUDLOW: Frank Gaffney, Nancy Pelosi said this is going to be a month of action to end the war. Senator Harry Reid says we have a moral obligation to end the war. He's already declared defeat. How much is this going to affect President George Bush, Frank?

FRANK GAFFNEY: I'm much less worried how it's going to affect President Bush than how it's going to affect all of us, specifically the country. I worry that what defeat will translate into is not simply a debacle in Iraq--orders of magnitude worse than anything we've seen so far, not just for the Iraqi people, but for our retreating forces. A Dunkirk in the desert seems to me to be a distinct possibility if we retreat pell-mell, as the Democrats seem to want now. And a disaster, I think, for those of us in the free world more generally who are confronting an enemy who will not stop the war just because we've decided we've had enough of it.

…The war doesn't stop because we retreat from Iraq. I believe very strongly—and this has nothing to do with talking points from the White House, I've been saying this for years—we will find ourselves confronting on a global scale more enemies emboldened by our defeat and convinced that coming after us at home will translate into their ultimate victory. That's what's coming.

And we can ignore it now if we choose, we can be seduced by the idea that it won't work out that way. But mark my words, we're going to be looking back at this disaster. And we'll be holding accountable people who brought it to us.