Friday, July 13, 2007

Headed Down to Washington

Later on this afternoon, I’ll be sitting down with President Bush in the Oval Office with a handful of other journalists.

The conversation will likely cover a host of subjects including the economy, taxes, and the President’s strategy in Iraq.

Incidentally, we’ll be broadcasting tonight’s show from Washington. The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore will join me on set along with economist Jared Bernstein. They’ll be battling it out as usual.

Controversial, conservative rock guitarist Ted Nugent is also on tap this evening. Make sure to check out his recent, provocative op-ed on the "Summer of Love."

So far, we’ve got two bullish market guests slated to appear—Mike Holland and Craig Columbus—and are still looking for someone from the bear camp. (They’re getting harder and harder to find these days.)

We hope you’ll join us on Kudlow & Company tonight. Same time, same place—5pm ET on CNBC.