Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Defeat, Pessimism, & the Nagging Itch to Raise Our Taxes

As I said on last night’s Kudlow & Company, the Democrats have completely failed on terrorism and the economy. It’s not even close. They bring nothing to the table except defeat, pessimism, and the nagging itch to raise our taxes.

They offer nothing in the way of national security and the global fight against terror--unless you consider cutting and running and defunding the war in Iraq a viable strategy.

They’re against all the vital and important anti-terrorism measures--the Patriot Act, warrant-less wiretaps, data-mining for al-Qaeda phone calls, the interrogation and detention of the enemy, etc. At every turn in the road, Dems stand in the way, undermining the necessary tools, the people, and the programs we desperately need here at home to succeed and thrive in the years ahead.

In short, if it makes sense, if it's good for national security, and if it's good for the economy, the Dems are against it.

Make sure to read Investors Business Daily's dynamite editorial
exposing the hypocrisy and absurdity of what the Dems are attempting to do with this Foley mess. Here's a snippet:

Right after Mark Foley was revealed to have had inappropriate e-mail conversations with a 16-year-old page, he resigned and checked into rehab. Now, what did Democrats know, and when did they know it?

Yes, you read that right: the Democrats. It's of course clear that Foley, a Republican representative from Florida, resigned for good cause. We don't defend him or his inexcusable behavior — good riddance.

But it didn't take long at all after Foley's resignation for the Democrats to call for an investigation of the entire Republican leadership in the House, charging that GOP stalwarts knew early on that Foley, as they like to say in the rehab business, had a "problem."

Democrats have begun losing their once-significant lead in the polls, and a mere five weeks remain until the midterm elections. Is this scandal the Democrats' own "October Surprise," meant to throw the GOP into a tailspin shortly before the vote?

Recent polls show Democrats aren't doing very well on several key issues. What better way than a good, old-fashioned sex scandal to get people's minds off such things as the importance of winning the war in Iraq, our ongoing vulnerability to terrorist attack and the necessity of keeping the Bush economic boom going?....