Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quelle Surpris!

Americans have no interest in becoming France according to Kevin Hassett:

Rather than provide voters with a new agenda that reflects a willingness to change, Pelosi's agenda is simply a laundry list of the Democrats' most economically questionable proposals from days gone by.

...Democrats have been on such a political losing streak for so long because Americans have grown to respect the free-market system. They recognize that capitalism emerged victorious from the struggle with communism because markets work far better than bureaucrats. They see the prosperity all around them, and recognize that it came about because we are still one of the freest economies on earth.

Pelosi and her ilk believe that they lost in the past because they didn't adequately convince Americans with their near-socialist rhetoric.

My guess is that they are wrong, and that Americans who are tired of the Iraq war and the Mark Foley scandal are not so tired that they want to become France.

As the bad polls have piled up in recent weeks, the only comfort for Republicans has been the notion that Democrats have consistently exhibited an impressive ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If voters take a look at the Pelosi agenda, then the Democrats might well have done it again.

(Tune in to Kudlow & Company this evening where Mr. Hassett will further expound upon these "near socialist" Dems...)