Monday, October 30, 2006

Tonight's Lineup

CNBC's Kudlow & Company will broadcast live at 5:00pm EST this evening.

The centerpiece of this evening's program will be our interview today with Vice President Cheney.

We have lined up an all-star Washington to Wall Street panel to offer its perspective on the wide range of subjects covered during the interview.

We'll cover the stock market and economy, Iraq, the upcoming elections, and much, much more. Our economic panel on tonight's program:

* Elizabeth MacDonald, Forbes magazine senior editor
* Gary Gensler, former Treasury undersecretary
* Don Luskin, Chief Investment Officer for Trend Macrolytics
* Jim Glassman, American Enterprise Institute fellow and host of Tech Central Station

Our political panel:

* Peter Beinart, editor-at-large at The New Republic
* Tony Blankley, Washington Times editorial page editor
* Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of the Gallup Poll

It's your money and your vote ladies and gentlemen - eight days left in the election countdown...