Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tonight's Lineup

CNBC's Kudlow & Company will broadcast live at 5:00pm EST this evening.

Leading off the show tonight will be our market mavens who will offer their insights on the market surge. Our guests include:

***Barry Ritholz, Chief Market Strategist for Ritholtz Research
***Joe Battipaglia, CIO at Ryan, Beck & Co
***Stefan Abrams, CIO, Trust Company of the West
***JJ Burns, president of JJ Burns & Company

***Futures expert Philip Gotthelf, President of Equidex Inc, will discuss gold's recent dramatic plunge.

Brian Barish, president and director of research for Cambiar Investors, will be our guest for Kudlow's Stock Club and offer his 5-star Morningstar rated stock selections.

We'll debate the economy and the inflation outlook with Stephen Cecchetti, Professor of Economics and Finance at Brandeis University and Ian Morris, chief U.S. economist at HSBC.

Finally, we'll look at the Foley scandal fallout with David Bossie, president of the group Citizens United; Dr. Charmaine Yoest of the Family Research Council, and Rick Tyler, Newt Gingrich's Communications Director.