Friday, October 06, 2006

The GOP and the Midterms

For what it's worth:

Earlier this week on Kudlow & Company, James Pethokoukis, senior writer from U.S. News & World Report who recently penned the cover story "Campaignomics", had this to say:

"The economy definitely should be a wind at the back of Republicans and the GOP going into the midterm elections. Remember Gore and Clinton used to have this rap they would do, you know, everything that should be down is up and everything that's up is down? Well, it's just the opposite right now. Everything that should be up is kind of up. Stocks are up; earnings are up; growth is up; jobs are up. And gas prices, the one thing that should be down, is finally falling. So that should help the GOP come November 7th...

For me to believe that the economy is not going to help Republicans, I have to believe the average voter is going to go in the voting booth, and think, 'Well, gee, I'm not paying as much for gas, I feel better about my job, wages are up. But, ehh, you know, something happened in Florida. That's it! I'm going to throw my congressman out.' That just doesn't seem very likely to me."

Call me Pollyanna, but I think there's a reasonable shot the GOP might be okay when all is said and done...