Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rove Begs to Differ

I ran into Karl Rove yesterday afternoon while standing in the hallway of the West Wing after our Oval Office meeting with President Bush. I asked the President’s senior adviser if he thought Republicans could still take the House.

Rove looked at me straight in the eye, and without missing a beat he responded “absolutely.”

Virtually all the latest polls have been incredibly bearish for the GOP’s midterm prospects. Zogby, Gallup, you name it - they’re all predicting major losses for Republicans.

Talking heads are no longer debating whether the GOP loses the House, but by how many seats. Over on the Senate side, while things aren’t nearly as doom and gloom, a number of pollsters and commentators think the Dems have a good shot of capturing control.

Rove thinks they’re all wrong.

We shall see.