Friday, October 06, 2006

Tonight's Lineup

CNBC's Kudlow & Company will broadcast live at 5:00pm EST this evening.

A WASHINGTON TO WALL STREET debate on Nancy Pelosi's plan, taxes, jobs and more.

On board to duke it out: The Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore & former Clinton labor secretary UC/Berkley professor Robert Reich.

YOUR MONEY, YOUR VOTE...a look at the latest in Washington with Republican pollster John McLaughlin; political consultant Frank Luntz; and Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

STOCK MARKET/ECONOMIC DEBATE between David Kotok, co-founder/CIO at Cumberland Advisors and Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist for First Trust Advisors.

KUDLOW'S STOCK CLUB: George Schwartz, 4-star Morningstar rated portfolio manager at Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund, will offer his latest stock picks.