Monday, October 23, 2006

Midterms & the Stock Market

It may not be the Pelosi bull market after all.

The roaring stock market today is trading off yesterday’s Barron’s article that says the GOP’s money advantage will limit Democratic gains and keep the House and Senate in Republican hands.

The mainstream media is not reporting this counter-conventional poll from our friend Jim McTague—but that’s really the big news driving the market.

It’s a tempting thought that this summer and fall’s stock market rally is the most important poll predicting a Republican hold. And frankly, I would love to believe Jim Mctague’s results. But I’m still somewhat skeptical.

Tradesports’ House GOP contract is still trading in the mid 30s—no excitement there off the Barron’s story.

Nonetheless, let's get a big GOP bandwagon message out there. Trumpet the strong economy and the roaring stock market. Get out there and broadcast that jobs are rising, wealth is surging, and lower tax rates are working.

In short, get the investor class to the polls in droves.