Monday, October 02, 2006

Tonight's Lineup

CNBC's Kudlow & Company will broadcast live at 5:00pm EST this evening.

On tonight's show:

We'll begin with a hard look at the political fallout from Florida Congressman Mark Foley with Democratic strategist Julian Epstein and University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato.

Frank Newport, Editor in Chief of The Gallup Poll, will provide some needed clarity in our "Sunday Unspun" segment.

Our market panel will offer their perspectives on what's around the corner in the stock market and economy.

We'll be joined by Michelle Girard, senior economist at RBS Greenwich Capital Management ; Joe LaVorgna, chief US economist at Deutsche Bank; Jason Trennert, Chief Investment Strategist at Strategas Research Partners; and Elizabeth MacDonald, Forbes magazine senior editor.

Al Hubbard, director of the White House National Economic Council will also join us.

And finally, The Wall Street Journal's Kim Strassel will debate what's really going on with wages with Jared Bernstein, economist at the Economic Policy Institute.